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Creativity Blog

Looking for it, finding it, sharing it.


Hi, welcome to the Creativity Blog, glad to have you here.

The purpose of this blog is to explore creativity and tell about the adventures of looking for it, finding it and sharing it.

I’ll be sharing my own stories and helping other people share their stories and their work.

If you’re looking for a place to publish some of your work, to be able to share it, contact me here with a pitch.


Welcome to the Creativity Blog

Copyright Nicole Bush 2018

I’ve been inviting the inspiration for this blog to present itself for some time. Before I even had the website up and running, I knew there would be a blog, but I didn’t know what about.

Once site was live, I created the blog page and a few test blogs as a good-faith gesture for the universe/creative gods to see. Basically saying, “Um, I’m here. So, let me know when you’re ready,” and left the page disabled.

Then, last night, I was feeling down in my own dumps and texted my friend Salina Halliday (among other loved ones) for a pep talk.

Salina does this impressive magic where she works for, and intentionally maintains, a positive attitude, even when things are not really looking all that up. And I wanted to drink from that decidedly and determinedly optimistic fountain, so I texted her something kind of like, “Could you remind me why I’m not a loser?”

She obliged, talking about my creativity. How mine fueled hers and encouraged her to do things she never would have done before—and it got me thinking. (It also got me feeling gratitude.)

I sloppily jotted down a few things on some scratch paper and eventually went to bed after 1 a.m.

In the morning, I had a text from Salina with a link to the podcast version of this Ted Talk with Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love.


I listened to the talk before I even got out bed and, feeling inspired, went back to my hardly-legible notes on the scratch paper and summed them all up into something more concise and that felt right:

Creativity Blog: looking for it, finding it, sharing it.

All of my friends’ creativity inspires mine. Creative inspiration is a gift that keeps on gifting. We can look for it anywhere, find it everywhere and share it in unexpected ways.

So without further rambling, welcome to the Creativity Blog! Which is really just going to be an excuse to talk to people about creativity and their adventures looking for it, finding it and sharing it.