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Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach


Jonathan Livingston Seagull is my favorite book. My high school coach, Ray Antel, gave it to me as a graduation gift with the instructions to read it once every year in a beautiful place (you’ll discover something new each time!).

Truthfully I’ve missed a few years, but it remains my favorite book and I’ve read it in some beautiful and meaningful places.

These are definitely used books, but they’re all in good condition—I just wanted to make them available in the Running’s Hard Store because the story is so good (and buying them in bulk at whole sale costs like $200+. All in good time).

From the back of the book:

“The extraordinary experience shared by over a million hardcover readers!”

“‘Richard Bach with this book does two things. He gives me Flight. He makes my Young.’ Ray Bradbury”

  • 127 pages

  • Has pictures!

  • Originally published in 1970

  • Used, in good condition

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