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Steeple SZN — Running's Hard Tee

Steeple SZN — Running's Hard Tee


Because we've all overcome obstacles—be proud, because that shit’s beautiful.

Let's go, it's steeple szn.

Spread the word

If you purchase a Steeple SZN Tee (or even if you don’t!) and want to help spread the word about its existence, post a photo on Instagram and tag me @nicolebbush and use the hashtag #steepleszntee.

Design Details

My good friend and college teammate Emily Langenberg is responsible for this beautifully badass design. You can follow her on instagram at @eklangs or check out her other work on her website at

Fabric Details

Emily’s design is printed on Allmade Apparel’s tri-blend that is:


  • Machine wash cold

  • Please don’t bleach

  • Dry low/iron low

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Video by Andrew Kitto